Meet Sofie Lassen Kahlke

Sofie keeps coming back in our shop getting lovely styles for her two children and I feel this to be a great honour. Therefor it is with big pleasure that I present to you this little Q and A with Sofie. 

Enjoy and thanks for reading - Emilie 



How many children do you have and how old are they?

I have 2 children Alfred 5 years old and Agnes 2 years old.


What are the biggest challenges you face in order to combine motherhood and a succesful career?

I think the most difficult thing is that you constantly have to prioritise and evaluate if I should do this or that and everything is time away from the children. Så to evaluate what do I want to do the most and say no to the rest.


When did you decide to become an actress?

I didn't really decide. It just happened when I was 14 years old and then I decided to continue because I loved doing it.


What are your viewpoints when it comes to organic food and clothes?

I am not fanatic I have to admit. But I feel very good when I know I give my children good things to eat and give them clothes that I know is made with a big consciousness.


What would be your best advices to youngsters who would like a career such as yours?

Go to school and enjoy it and go to highschool as well. And while you do it maybe look for some theater clubs you can be in. And then after highschool if you still feel for it go for it.


Can you put a few words on why you like Pierrot la Lune for your children?

I love Pierrot la Lune because it looks a little bit old fashion combined with french touch. My children go to a Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) kindergarten where symbols on the clothes are not allowed and I love it. The clothes from Piorrot la lune have such great calm colours and nice fabrics.


What would be the 5 most important values for you to pass on to your children if you can chose only 5?


Ability to give love, attention towards other people, consciouness towards the world and the environment, empathy, the ability to dance, the ability to cook, the ability to fight for things you want... A little bit more than 5 :-)


Do you have any morning rituals in your family?

Coffee and during autumn and winter fire in the stove..... :-)


What is your favourite movie and your favourite actor/actress?

I have so many !!!! Meryl Streep. I have so many movies I like one of the more popular is Notting hill.


What book do you read for your children at the moment? And what was your favourite book as a child?

I read the elephant that really wants to sleep. A book that is supposed to make children fall a sleep and it really works.

I loved "Folk og røvere i kardemommeby" (A Danish story)


What childhood memories are the best and strongest you have?

I think it is all the things i did with my grandparents. I spent a lot of time with them at home and in their summerhouses.


Thank you so much Sofie 

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