Siblings and business partners

Designer Emilie speaks about her and her brother fashion photographer Rasmus Mogensen, developing their family status into a business partnership and a creative and artistic companionship.



We always played very intensely together as children, making up dramatic stories and fun universes. He is the oldest and has always been rather protective over his little sister and made sure nobody would ever harm me. Artistically, we didnt share so much as teenagers. Rasmus started his career very early as 8 years old and always knew it was pictures he wanted to shoot, despite a rather big fascination with weapons and all that boy stuff. Being so very fortunate to be in a creative and fantastic free school in Copenhagen, we were both encouraged to follow our dreams and let to believe that making it in the artistic field is possible.

Rasmus left home quite early and was off to New York for work. When he came back and worked as an assistant for Danish photographer Morten Bjarnhof, I would receive polaroids from all the corners in the world when they did worldwide campaigns for B&O. One where him and the crew was dressed up as Blues Brothers in Miami, one from the Thule base in Northern Greenland and one from China where he wrote on the back that they eat dogs here. I was enjoying the polaroids postcards like anything and always felt a part of all his adventures, admiring him like his biggest fan, while going to high school in cold Denmark and not knowing yet what I wanted to do with my life.

I went off to India for many years after my education as a designer, got married to a frenchman and had kids. I had started dreaming about making a children line already at school but knew time was not ready yet. Kids needed to get bigger and I needed more courage which came after becoming a mother for some reason.

When Pierrot la Lune was born in my mind, I would even say, when I received the inspiration, I knew this had to be with my brother behind the camera. And when I presented the idea for him one evening, he had doubts at first. When he asked me "what would be the name of this brand?" And I replied "Pierrot la Lune" he said with the most clear and direct voice: "If we do this, we do it for real". So much truth and momentum occurs when one hits the "this is it" button in the universe. When the potential gets released from deep within and its just a matter of taking the next step towards what already exists so powerful within. This is what Pierrot la Lune is for us. Its not only what we feel like doing, its more what we HAVE to do.

Over the last years, shooting several of campaigns together, being featured in international magazines like Vogue Bambini and Papier Mache, we have only just started. We have so many visions with this company and so many ideals to come through. We are both working a lot non profit as meditation trainers for the Heartfulness organisation and strive to have heart energy present in all aspects of our lives. It is our deep wish that Pierrot la Lune will contribute to a greener planet and a more timeless and soft children fashion.

With deep felt respect for our grand parents who were all artists, we believe in learning your thing from scratch. Let it be photography, cooking or designing, there is no short cuts and no easy way. If passion, curiosity and will power is present in your heart, success is just around the corner and we wish you all the best of luck in being succesful in all matters of life.

With love Emilie