Japanese aesthetics was always something I liked to study with my grandmother, whom must have been my biggest teacher when it comes to fashion and design. We would spend hours looking through Issey Miyakes books, with all the amazing pictures shot by Irving Penn, and I always felt this sense of awe when it came to the Japanese designers.



When in Tokyo recently, I was in a tradeshow and spotted a mother walking with her two sweet little kids, both dressed in Pierrot la Lune.  It somehow made me so extremely happy! I already knew we ship a rather big amount of clothes to Japan - but then again to actually spot two kids wearing my designs in the middle of Tokyo was just mind blowing and touched my heart so deep.


We asked the mother if we could shoot some pictures of her kids in the streets of Tokyo by night. Luckily my brother was with me as he was shooting some magazine editorials the same week. We met with the mother in the evening in the fashionable Shibuya area in Tokyo, and managed to shoot a small but lovely little campaign that we have named Tokyo Nights.


It makes me dream of old craftsmanship and ancient cultures, and adds an amazing touch to the AW18 campaign “Poetic Symphony”.



With love

Emilie / Founder & Creative Director