Pierrot la Lune

A family with design heritage

As grandchildren of world famous furniture architect Børge Mogensen, the siblings behind the brand were brought up with aesthetic values, solid craftsmanship and democratic design being a part of their DNA.

Emilie Ventujol Mogensen has solid experience as a designer and has worked for several of years with fashion design and production. She started Pierrot la Lune as a realisation of a lifelong dream to create timeless and poetic children fashion made in organic fabrics.

“We are uncompromising on behalf of our mutual environment. We want to take part in reducing the CO2 emission in one of the world’s most polluting industries.” 

Rasmus Mogensen has more than 25 years of experience as a well renowned fashion photographer. 

Since they established Pierrot la Lune, their poetic designs have been awarded the Vogue Kids talent price and have been featured in prestigious international magazines such as Milk Japon and Vogue Bambini.

Creative Founders

Rasmus and Emilie

Tones Of India

Emilie Ventujol is a passionate clothing designer who have lived a number of years in India. Her designs are strongly influenced by indian textile traditions combined with the Nordic touch of simplicity she has grown up with.

Follow Emilie´s personal blog here.

The founders Rasmus and Emilie really have the organic lifestyle and agenda running through their veins. They are both yogis through the last 20 years and they believe very much in creating a brand that also adds something positive to this world. So commercial agenda, yes, but also when we look at the whole karmic impact and imprint of a brand Rasmus and Emilie really come from a real place.

A purpose driven company

Pierrot la Lune is a purpose-driven organic brand with a clear and sustainable vision to sell 100% GOTS-certified organic fashion at affordable prices. We call it "democratic prices." We do not believe it serves Mother Nature if only a few people can afford to choose organic. Therefore, we have chosen a 100% digital business model, skipping the link of wholesales, to deliver organic fashion directly to the end-consumer.